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Electric Department
For Over a century, the Town of Dallas has owned and operated its own municipal Electric Utility in order to provide responsive, reliable and cost-competitive electric power to its citizens and customers. Today the Electric Department is comprised of 10 total employees: 1 Director, 1 Foreman, 6 Journeyman Line Workers, 1 Arborist and 1 Line Clearance Technician. These dedicated professionals have combined tenure exceeding 110 years of service to the Town in providing safe, reliable electric power.

The small but highly-trained force possesses vast knowledge in both overhead and underground distribution systems and are supplemented by a Tree Trimming/Line Clearance Crew that is overseen by a licensed utility specialist, ISA Arborist.

Our Mission
"To provide cost efficient, safe and reliable energy to our customers. To strive to maintain a level of service, support, responsiveness and professional effort which compares favorably to the highest-performing small-to-medium municipal providers-- not in line with large investor-owned utilities where "average" service and performance is tolerated."

In Dallas, you can speak with the Town's employees on a first name basis and put a handshake with a smile. The Department takes great pride in providing service to the community in an expert and safe manner.

While serving over 3540 customers, along 60 miles of distribution circuits, the Town of Dallas also owns and maintains two (2) twenty megawatt (20Mw) sub-stations allowing service to our customers from multiple entry-points-- assuring greater flexibility in power delivery in the event of discreet outage events.  

Of Note:  
Approximately 60% of all current electric customers are equipped with auto-read meters to assure greater accuracy. In addition, as any new customers are added, or meters changed-out, we are continuing to install auto-reads to the point where we will have the technology become universal. The Town also owns and operates so-called "Peak Shaving" Generators to assist the Town during peak loads in order to keep total costs to customers as low as possible. These generators are capable of producing 3200 Kw (kilowatts) of power at 7200 volts back out onto the electric distribution grid. Customers are provided access to "around the clock" "on call" personnel at your service by calling the Police Department non-emergency line (704-922-3116) after business hours.

We are very proud to be included among the few, elite "SHARP CERTIFIED" Cities in North Carolina.--Recognized by OSHA effective May 30, 2013 for maintaining the highest in safety standards and the lowest in work-related loss-hours to injury. We regularly inspect and repair/upgrade all Town Circuits. Inspections can often reveal opportunities for preventative maintenance so that possible later problems or outages are avoided, in turn enabling our customers to enjoy uninterrupted service over 99.9% of the time.
Remember: Call 811 before you dig

If You Would Like to:

  • Report a Security Light out; a tree limb on a power line or similar concern
  • Receive energy conservation tips, or participate in a home energy audit in conjunction with "Electricities of NC"
  • Help us update our "Special Needs List" for customers whose medical needs require uninterrupted power
  • Find out more on "What to do and what NOT to do" during an outage
  • Know more about operating "Home" Generators
  • Offer other suggestions or lodge a complaint
Please call (704)922-3176
Doug Huffman
Electrical Department

700 E. Holly St.
Dallas, NC 28034 -1625         

Ph: (704) 922-9961

Monday - Thursday
7:30 am - 5:30 pm

Doug Huffman, Electric Director


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