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The NCDENR-permitted watr treatment plant serves an average 2862 customers (both in Town and beyond) operating 7 days a week with an average daily treatment production of 610,000 gallons per day. The Town draws its raw water from the Southern Fork of the Catawba River (South Fork) and the plant is staffed by Supervisor Mike Hurt along with Operator-in-Charge Amelia Hamrick.

Water Distribution:
Treated potable water is distributued directly to individual metered taps via an underground network of variable-size and capacity water mains. This system, which began serving parts of Dallas over a century ago, recently received a $5.2 million renovation and replacement wherein some 16.7 miles of underground mains were replaced. As a result, the quality of water reaching the end-user has been improved, as has the water pressures and fire flows. 

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