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Storm Water System
The Town of Dallas, like nearly every municipality in the State of North Carolina, has created a "Storm Water Utility" wherein the Town imposes storm-water fees against every parcel of privately owned land within the Town in order to fund the maintenance and ongoing improvement of public catch basins, storm drains, ditches and flood-ways throughout the community. Currently, each one of nearly 2000 single-family residences in Town are charged a monthly storm-water charge of $1.85. All non-residential and multi-family residential properties are charged a variable fee equal to $1.85/month multiplied by each 2500 square feet of impervious surface area contained on the property. All funds received must be spent exclusively on managing, maintaining or improving the storm drainage system(s). The receipt of these funds (currently exceeding $82,000 yearly) are then budgeted yearly on focused improvements to the then highest priority projects. We continue to update and move down the list, in priority order, as funding is made available.

If you have a concern about a particular problem area, or wish to log a complaint or have a possible improvement project evaluated as to priority, please contact the Director of Public Utilities (704)922-9961.     

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